Coastal Urgent Care facilities are faster and less expensive than the emergency room, and being able to walk right in makes it more convenient than a typical doctor visit.

Our Louisiana Urgent Care locations include Houma, Gonzales, Baton Rouge, and Thibodaux.
We accept most insurance plans including (but not limited to) Aetna, Blue Cross, Cigna, Humana and United Healthcare.

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Recent Articles

November 15, 2017

Did you know that November is National Diabetes Month?

For four weeks, the American Diabetes Association dedicates itself to educating the public about the disease that affects one in eleven Americans – 29 million people – and how we can protect ourselves and those we love. Diabetes, when left unmanaged, is responsible for blindness, nerve damage, and kidney disease, but healthy eating habits and regular exercise can greatly reduce…

how do you get an ingrown toenail coastal urgent care louisiana Blog
October 4, 2017

How Do You Get An Ingrown Toenail?

According to the 2012 National Foot Health Assessment, 18 percent of adults in the U.S. over the age of 21 have experienced the pain and discomfort of ingrown toenails. That is about 40  million people! If you’re lucky enough to still be in the dark about these painful things, an ingrown toenail is when the side of the nail curves…

toenails Blog
September 6, 2017

Why toenails fall off from running

Toenails. They are something we do not typically think about very often. But if you or someone you know has ever lost one after becoming a serious runner, it is something you might think about a lot more. Ouch! For many runners, losing toenails is just something that happens. Toenails usually take about six months to grow back, and when…

stroke Blog
August 2, 2017

Signs and symptoms of a stroke

Strokes are the fourth leading cause of death in the United States. In order to protect yourself and the health of your loved ones, it is important to understand the basic reasons for a stroke as well as its signs and symptoms. There are two main types of strokes: Ischemic and Hemorrhagic. Ischemic strokes occur as a result of clots…